LONG JOHN Makkay talks about his New Album …Bridges

So, it has been over 4 years since the last release from the British singer song writer Long John. The previous 4 albums repeatedly had strong revues firstly with the Wild Evil and Cocos Corner albums both of which saw extensive radio play and included some very special guests with guitar appearances from Brian James (The Dammed) and Simon Hanson on drums (Squeeze) the singles released from those albums Desert Sands, Honey Bee and Holy Moly and a final offering from Long Johns Killer Blues Collective  (Devils Train) were all well received. Then the pandemic put all immediate plans on hold for the band.

Long John has now dusted himself down and reformed with his new band LJ Makkay and The Sixty Six emerging with a fresh sound and a new debut album from the group  (Bridges)

I asked LJ what the new album BRIDGES is all about ?


This album is a new direction for me lyrically and a more personal approach which is something I couldn’t comfortably commit with in my previous song writing, after the pandemic it might have been time to call it a day but I also felt it was maybe a chance for a new beginning and a change of clothes metaphorically speaking, this new album is a songwriting journey influenced by the musical genres that have been the soundtrack to my life Rock , Blues, Soul, and Country music.

As an Englishman living and traveling in the USA in my youth I was constantly absorbing the diverse cultures and landscapes that America has to offer and while listening to the radio stations fading from one great track to the next  as I was driving along the Highways and across the state lines. I really did get Americana music branded and burned into my Soul and for that I’m so truly thankful. 

Gods Country verse: 

The mountain rivers are now empty 
Can you see the dry and drifting sands
The mankind that we all wanted
Failed us with greed and… demands!

Says Makkay. The album Bridges has ballads and stories that comment on the highs and lows the love and the losses that Ive experienced in my life and I’m sure the songs will relate to the listeners (Bring back the golden days) is a look over my shoulder and a salute to my friends who’ve not made it this far in life and the song Gods Country a song about the challenges we are facing in the world today with our climate changing in front of us each year.

Bring Back The Golden Days:

And now you are clean 
The sun shines again..
One slip on the trail
Could see the dark side return 

I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road again with this material its powerful and has heart and Ive been blessed to have some great musicians join me on this work. Nick Mailing has produced the album and plays Bass in the band along with guests on several songs including Dave Banks on Lead Guitar and Jade Daniel Williamson on backing vocals, Sam Barrett on Fiddle, Rob Bond playing Pedal Steel Guitar and Boysey Battrun on Tenor Saxophone. 

LJ Makkay 

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